New Training Support Officer

29 September, 2015

Elinor Davies photoWe would like to welcome our new Training Support Officer, Elinor Davies. Elinor starts this week and will be visiting trainees all around the UK shortly.

Elinor started her career as a landscape gardener in 2005, before moving on to attain a BSc in Horticulture from Reading University. Elinor has since gained extensive experience in both the private and public landscape sectors. She developed her interest in historic landscapes during an internship with English Heritage’s Gardens and Landscapes Team.

On completion of this internship Elinor worked with a woodland management company, expanding her interest and experience in arboriculture. After this post she returned to university, completing an MA in Landscape Architecture at Sheffield University in 2013. More recently Elinor has worked as a Landscape Manager for The Environment Partnership from which she joins the HBGTP as Training Support Officer.

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