Anthony Callan’s Trip to Canada

5 August, 2019

In May 2019, Anthony Callan, who previously spent a year at Trentham Gardens as an HBGTP trainee, traveled to Canada with the support of the RHS and Merlin Trust.

Anthony spent 10 days working at the Royal Botanic Garden in Burlington. The remaining 4 days were spent in downtown Toronto visiting the parks and gardens within the city.

Anthony’s application to the RHS was inspired by a talk from Mark Matthews, another ex-trainee, who had recently visited the alps. Anthony says: “The HBGTP scheme gave me experience in report writing, structuring and networking which transferred so well into preparing a Bursary application.”

The experience will help to inform Anthony’s work in his new role as Senior Gardener at Quarry Bank (National Trust). He comments that “Successfully planning and completing my trip has left me with a sense of pride and confidence in myself that I couldn’t have got any other way.”

Anthony in the Floral Showhouse at Niagara Falls


Allan Gardens Conservatory, Toronto Botanical Gardens

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