Apprenticeship opportunities at Kew

27 January, 2017

Apprenticeship in Botanical Horticulture Scheme 10 (2017-2019)
6 positions. Salary  £14,765 (£14,040 + £725 book allowance)

The two year Kew apprenticeship is an entry level position designed for individuals desiring a professional career at senior craft level in botanical or amenity horticulture. Apprentices are employed on a salary and college fees and staff exchanges are supported financially by the School of Horticulture.

A Kew apprentice will gain work experience in each of the two horticultural sections: Arboretum, Gardens & Horticultural Services, and Glasshouses, Nurseries and Display Horticulture. As part of this work experience, on-the-job training will be arranged and delivered by garden managers and trainers, with a focus on practical skills using real tasks. Personal development is encouraged with a two-week staff exchange to a European botanic garden or plant collection and a competitive travel scholarship opportunity for two-weeks at the beginning of the second year.
Each apprentice will be granted day release to attend a local horticultural college, where they will study and prepare for the horticulture operative Trailblazer apprenticeship standard this the new government scheme being launched in 2017. More information

Historic Glasshouse Apprenticeship Scheme 5 (2017- 2020)
2 positions.  Salary  £14,765 (£14,040 + £725 book allowance)

This high profile project, running until 2018, aims to restore one of the world’s largest Victorian conservatories to its former glory and rejuvenate the historically and scientifically important plant collections inside it. The project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Defra and a range of other donors. Kew wishes to increase diversity in its applicants by recruiting from non-traditional backgrounds, especially encouraging applications from young people from local communities (Hammersmith & Fulham, Richmond, Ealing and Hounslow)  A key part of the restoration is to leave a legacy of trained staff with the specialised skills to look after heritage glasshouse collections.

The Kew Historic Glasshouse Apprenticeship scheme is open to individuals who can demonstrate a passion for horticulture and have an interest in greenhouses and tender plants. It provides a unique opportunity to learn a range of skills required to maintain plant collections in conservatories. Some skills and practices will be contemporary, while others will be preserving traditional methods to maintain historic accuracy. More information

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